Sustainable Food Awards 2018

Sustainable Food Award 2018

Sustainable Food Awards 2018

Sustainable Food Awards to Nominate Aliet Green for
Sustainable Ingredient Award & Sustainability Leadership Award 2018


Aliet Green announced last week that it has been nominated for Sustainable Ingredient Award and Sustainability leadership Award in the Inaugural Sustainable Food Awards reception co-Hosted alongside the Sustainable Foods Summit in Amsterdam on June 7, 2018.

Organic Coconut Sugar was selected to become the nominee of Sustainable Ingredient Award 2018.

Organic Coconut Sugar is made from coconut blossom sap being evaporated existing for centuries in Indonesia and is well-known as a traditional sweetener that each household should have. Harvesting coconut blossom sap does not harm the environment and the plants. Coconut trees can keep producing coconut sugar for at least 10 years and used for coconut sugar production can still produce coconuts, though at reduced yields. Coconut sugar production has minimal effects on the environment compared to the production of sugar cane, which requires a considerable amount of resources.

As the pioneer of the First Fair Trade Coconut Sugar that is also Organic certified, Aliet Green is creating social activities for community members to bond especially female farmers to experience substantial impacts in both financial and social terms.

Another award is to nominate Aliet Green for Sustainability Leadership Award. As a reputable and responsible woman social enterprise concerned with local nourished environment, traditional knowledge, local values combined with international standards and Eco-Friendly and innovative operations. The company does promote healthy farming with ethical values and aims at empowering women to participate on a central role in the ecological, social and economic framework of the agricultural society in Indonesia.

There are some factors considering Aliet Green becoming the finalist of Sustainability Leadership. Aliet Green is the quality leader and pioneer in its industry fulfilling international major certification standards that is focused on illiterate small holder farmer support, working in agro-forestry systems, empowering disadvantaged female employment and skills training and activities.

Furthermore, Aliet Green has created more impacts for farmers as the main stakeholders of Aliet Green because they have experience increased income and improved livelihood as a result of selling organic products to Aliet Green.



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