– Powder –

Organic Coconut Sugar Powder

Kokomel Organic Coconut Sugar Powder –

A new Star has risen into the Universe of Superior Food produce


Kokomel Organic Coconut Sugar Powder is flour-like size, smoother ‘mouth-feel’ with unique taste of light hint of Aliet Green’s Natural Organic Coconut Sugar.

It has a much creamier taste compared to Organic Coconut Sugar Standard (more caramel-like taste).

It is specialized for wholesome and unique purposes on baking and chocolate ingredients such as couverture, special chocolate bars, pralines, tablet, soft, confectionery, cakes, buns, and pastries, topping, garnishing for buns, pastries, decorative dusting on baked goods.


Five Reasons why you should add Kokomel Organic Coconut Sugar Powder into your ingredient shopping list:
1. This product is awarded a Superior Taste Award with 3 Golden Stars as an ” Exceptional” product by 135 professional chefs from all around Europe.
2. This product is eco-friendly produced as Aliet Green is committed to promoting  its sustainable products and services.
3. It is Fair for Life certified (Fair Trade and Social Responsibility Standards) with 5-leaf Score since 2014.
4. You empower women working at Aliet Green’s facility and project by buying this product.
5. You will feel better and taste the rich flavor of Kokomel Organic Coconut Sugar Powder. You will simply love it.

– Natural –

Original Organic Coconut Sugar

In 2013, Aliet Green initiated the first project of Organic Coconut Sugar to be certified Fair for Life, Fair Trade and Social Responsibility Standards.

Organic Coconut Sugar also known as Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar is made of sugary sap of coconut flower buds dripping after being cut a little bit.
It is an absolute green and sustainable sweetener traditionally and manually processed by evaporating the coconut blossom sap.

Male farmers have to climb up at least 20-25 meters height of each coconut tree twice a day to harvest the sap. They have to make sure all certified coconut trees are in good care so they can produce good quality Coconut Sugar.
Each coconut farmer may have in average 10 coconut trees to climb up. So you can imagine how labor intensive Organic Coconut Sugar is!

As Kokomel Organic Coconut Sugar is dedicated to providing an excellent sweetening alternative, it is a definite nutritiously food ingredient suitable for alternative sweetener, savory dishes, sweet dishes, hot and cold beverage, yogurt, muesli, morning cereal, chocolate bars, power bars, and as you wish to mix.

– Mango Ginger –

Organic Coconut Sugar infused with Mango Ginger

Are you looking for super tantalizing infused drink?


Why don’t you try our lively zip of Kokomel Coconut Sugar infused with Mango Ginger?
It is promising infusion of delicate coconut sugar that imparts a raw mango flavor. It offers antioxidant activity, vitamin, and mineral needed by the body.


It is super drink giving you a refreshingly healthy lift all delivered in a stylishly vibrant drink.


It can be used for hot and cold beverage, ice cream sprinkle, baking, cooking, breakfast mix.

– Turmeric –

Organic Coconut Sugar infused with Turmeric

Kokomel Organic Coconut Sugar infused with Turmeric Juice comes with amazing mild taste. It is perfect combination for powerful antioxidant and long lasting healthy boost.


For definite, this infused is the real deal of nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market


It can be used for hot and cold beverage, ice cream sprinkle, baking, cooking, breakfast mix.