Fair Trade Projects

Improvement of Rural Access Road with initiative for self-reliance of communities

Rural communities suffering from poor road conditions in Clapar area, in one of sub-villages where Aliet Green established the first Organic and Fair Trade projects for Coconut Sugar received support to improve rural access road…

Initiative for Improving Pre-Schools’ Facilities

The main purpose addressed the need for improved local pre-schools’ facilities in farmers’ communities by providing support such as school equipment, sanitation, as well as active learning play…

Basic Environmental Projects

The main purpose of the project is keep environment clean that is essential for healthy living. As farmers take advantage of abundant natural resources such as coconut trees from the forest, they are responsible to ensure the sustainability of natural resources in the forest…

Parcel Distribution

Since 2013, Aliet Green has distributed more than 4,600 parcels with a value of more than  EUR 20,000.- to farmers’ families participating at Aliet Green’s Coconut Sugar project in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta.

AreaEstimated Number of BeneficiariesPeriod of ImplementationPurposeAmount of Fund 
Total All YearsEUR 31,965.79
Projects 2018 in ProgressEUR 12,857.14
Total 2018EUR 12,857.14
Tegiri ICliff Road Construction (to prevent landslide)
10 m (L) x 4,5 (H)
EUR 714.29
Tegiri IIWelcome Gateway

Paving Block Construction at Primary School
EUR 928.57
Sebatang- Small Road Construction
- Religious Praying Room
EUR 714.29
MenguriRoad ConstructionEUR 714.29
SungapanRoad ConstructionEUR 714.29
TirtoRoad ConstructionEUR 571.43
ClaparRoad ConstructionEUR 571.43
SokaRoad ConstructionEUR 428.57
SidowayahRoad ConstructionEUR 428.57
NgantiRoad ConstructionEUR 214.29
KalibiruRoad ConstructionEUR 214.29
KlepuRoad ConstructionEUR 214.29
All Areas (12 Sub Villages)198 FarmersConcrete Trash Bin for Waste ManagementEUR 1,414.29
All Areas (12 Sub Villages)over 900 FarmersProduction ToolsEUR 1,145.07
All Areas (12 Sub Villages)24 students with achievement Academic Grants for Farmers Kids at Primary SchoolEUR 357.14
All Areas (12 Sub Villages)Over 5,000 inhabitants12 Announcement Board for Development of Fair Trade FundEUR 940.64
Total 2017EUR 9,345.10
All Areas (12 Sub Villages)465 FarmersConcrete Trash Bin for Waste ManagementEUR 3,094.29
Total 2016EUR 3,094.29
Tirto (Youth Organization)Sport UtensilsEUR 285.72
Clapar IIRoad ConstructionsEUR 500.00
Sebatang (Gambas Playgroup)Improved Toilet, Water TankEUR 464.29
Menguri (Mawar Playgroup)Educational Equipment (tables, chairs, and reading books)EUR 285.72
Tegiri I (Melati Tunas Bangsa Playgroup)Playing and Education EquipmentEUR 464.29
Sungapan I (RA Masyithoh)Educational Equipment, Improved School BuildingEUR 464.29
SungapanCommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
Tegiri ICommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
Clapar IICommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
MenguriCommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
SebatangRoad ConstructionEUR 71.43
Tegiri IICommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
TirtoCommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
SokaRoad ConstructionEUR 71.43
Clapar ICommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
KalibiruRoad ConstructionEUR 71.43
NgantiRoad ConstructionEUR 71.43
SidowayahRoad ConstructionEUR 71.43
KlepuCommunity DevelopmentEUR 71.43
Total 2015EUR 3,392.90
All Areas (12 Sub Villages)300 FarmersConcrete Trash Bin for Waste ManagementEUR 1,821.43
Tegiri II (Putra Utama Kindergarten)Playing and Educational EquipmentEUR 514.29
Total 2014EUR 2,335.72