Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Aliet Green Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitments

How Aliet Green can differentiate itself with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


As a responsible woman social enterprise of an environment steward granted as a Sustainable Processor of the Year by production plant community and customers, Aliet Green is committed to promoting its sustainable goods and services by replacing conventional energy-intensive food processes with novel technologies to reduce energy consumption, enhance recycle-ability, maximize use of renewable resources in harmony with local values.


In addition, as the pioneer of the first Fair Trade Organic Coconut Sugar (Fair for Life – Social and Fair Trade  Responsibility) from Indonesia, Aliet Green is also proud to be the first and currently the only Processor of Organic and Fair Trade Coconut Sugar from Indonesia certified BRC Global for Food Safety Standards (Grade A). This food safety standard approves Aliet Green to be a reliable supplier with transparent traceability.


Our strong commitments for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are:

1. Promotion of diversity and eradication of discrimination


We are committed to recruiting and retaining diverse staff, and workers, and to fostering a safe working environment. We strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination; to respect the dignity of all persons; and to learn from differences in people, ideas, experiences, and opinions.

2. Protection & Conservation


Protection and conservation of biodiversity (flora and fauna) Identify areas suitable for the expansion areas of supply of raw materials by fulfilling organic standards (free of chemical substances).

3. Fair Competition


a. Promote fair, faithful, and transparent business activities by complying with all laws and ordinances, Fair Trade rules and principles, as well as relevant internal policies and rules such as Aliet Green’s Code of Conduct.

b. Continue engaging in fair competition and business transactions through price and quality competitiveness.

4. Compliance


Compliance with local and (inter)national environmental regulations Aliet Green sources and promotes a product range to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution

5. Use of a Code of Conduct


a. Aliet Green has code of conduct for suppliers, staff and workers focusing on protecting the company, strengthening the company position by communicating policies to relevant people

b. Commit to promoting adherence to the content of Code of Conduct at every point for suppliers and in other parts of the value chain.

6. Conflict & Safety


Aliet Green creates a safe, healthy, fun working environment to promote staff loyalty

7. Customer Data Protection & Privacy


Aliet Green always provides Non Disclosure Agreement for its customers to protect customers details by communicating this information to all relevant people working at Aliet Green and working together with Aliet Green such as suppliers, vendors, transport company

8. Supply Chain Responsibility


a.  Develop long-lasting relationships with suppliers who deliver high-quality goods and services, manage business risk, reduce costs and find innovative solutions to tough issues.

b.  Train employees on compliance topics that affect our supply chain. These topics include antitrust, anti-bribery, anti-corruption and effective supplier management.

c. prioritize our monitoring, assessments and remediation where there’s country risk, supplier criticality, brand risk and where we can improve supply chain compliance

9. Customer Interest


a.  increase our brand awareness and name recognition through a growing influence on the purchasing decisions of customers by becoming a company concerned with ethical conduct and sustainable supplier with transparent trace ability.

b. To provide more technical training, focus on personal skills, or to develop a more standard format to increase efficiency.

c.  expand operations to increase production capacity with maximize use of renewable resources and state art of processing efficiency